Friday, January 02, 2009

A resolution or a goal?

I am using January to sketch out the next 18 months before God. The reality for a pastor is that to expect to have a neat plan on the first day of the year after a busy Christmas is never going to happen (at least for me).

I, for one, need a bit more time.

Time to take stock, to be thankful, to reflect and collect my learning and time to assess where I have fallen short and why. Time to get into view the things that lie ahead. Time to see what new habits need forming or what habits need a revisit and some renewed discipline. Time to assess relationships with family, friends both past and present and in my community. Time to look at my health, my Sabbath, my prayer life, my giving. This all takes quite some time and rightly so.

That's why I prefer a goal rather than a resolution. A goal is something to aim at whereas my experience has been a resolution is something to fail at. With goals, even if all the strikes don't hit the back of the net and some don't get kicked it is much more motivationally satisfying.

One area to explore is what to read in 2008. Trevin Wax and Justin Buzzard have listed all their books of 2008 and it is a rich list. I am revisiting a great book called 'The read of my life' which is the follow-up to the wonderful 'Indelible ink' and is a collection of essays on books that changed people's lives. You may find it a help in thinking about what to read.

There are ever more lists of 'best of 2008. Here is some music and some top lists

By the way, some of my January reflection will be on holiday with friends in an amazing house. You'll be jealous so click at your own peril!


Anonymous said...

I did 'click at my own peril' and after MUCH searching I finally found something..

"Rain occurs in all months but the wettest period is from December to April. During these months tropical cyclones occasionally strike the island or pass near enough to give very heavy rainfall and violent damaging winds"

..that ONLY JUST makes me feel slightly better. . . !

David Cooke said...

I know you wish me sunshine!!!

David Cooke said...

I know you wish me sunshine!!!