Friday, January 23, 2009


I go away for a couple of weeks and find that the free world has a new president. Whatever next! I enjoyed hearing this wonderful prayer by Rick Warren.

This simple observation landed with me on how to transform your prayer life. The Top 60 church blogs for you to click about on - I guess I must have come in at 61! (to my knowledge I think to date I have amassed he vast total of 3 readers that I know of) also the Top 100 theology blogs. Michael Jenson has some advice on the 10 worst habits of the preacher complemented nicely by this post of nominations for best preachers-Keller tops the list. My pal Simon should be on it-after all these are all Americans- not one person from the nation that gave the world George Whitfield. Come on USA download Si or indeed Miki Hardy in Mauritius onto your ipods and live a little outside your borders. All the comments on Michaels's post made me consider this post called what kind of preacher are you?

This post
made me think and confirms much that I have been thinking about in recent months about the absense of discipleship and, as it happens, we are starting our own disciplship journey called Live:Life this week. Adam, who has done the excellent communication, tells me it is essential to have the 'v' and 'i' in italics. Why Disney dropped Narnia and a free download of the 7 habits by Covey.

Anyone have a nomination for a few good British or non-American preachers? There must be some....

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William said...

Michael Green (revd Canon Dr) has to be on this list despite his choice of jumpers (that's sweaters to you folk in the US) plus of course the mighty Dawkins slaying John Lennox.