Monday, January 05, 2009

Blog Sweep

I came across the story of Lonnie Frisbee on John's blog (ex Holy Trinity Curate) and thought I might check out the DVD. Rick Warren has some advice on how to trim your sermons. Steve McCoy has collected a great resource on Suburban Christians which seems plenty to be going on with. The internet monk ends the year with a bang and reflects on things we have heard a hundred times before. A link for my pal David who is an artist and a pastor and often observes there is no one bringing these two together. My December driving and walking about ipod listening has been this on Revelation which has encouraged me. Incidentally, I met recently with a lady in my church and she had Rev 2:17 on her heart, a verse I have never noticed before so I have been chewing on it. Finally, another list of music you may have missed and want to download in a fashionably 'year too late' kind of way!

Preached twice at the weekend and am shot but as the festive Coca Cola train ad sings so well 'The holiday's a comin.....The holiday's a comin...'

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