Monday, October 13, 2008

Things to be thinking about and singing

I have taken delivery of a new pile of books and am excited by Death by love. It explores the Cross as pastoral care. Real people in real mess with the remedy of a different aspect of the Cross as the solution. I have discovered recently Third Day and my song of the last few weeks has been 'I've always loved you' on Chronology 1. A friend recommended The Irresistible Revolution which I am about to finish and if you want a challenging book on justice and the Jesus life this one is for you.

I had supper with some friends at the weekend and our discussion landed on home-schooling. A mutual friend has decided to educate her four kids at home so I think I need to work out what I think about this. It seems to be about how and in what way children are to engage with each other and culture. Talking of family life what do you think about Stay at home dads? Also, listened to this sermon while ill in bed last week called the Gethsemane prayer and it shook and blessed me deeply. Could not be more different from Bill Johnson if it tried.

A few other things:

Becoming a more theological pastor-HERE

Jim Collins (Good to Great) on Church-HERE

The Greed Game (watch this if you want to understand the Credit Crunch)-HERE

Michael McIntyre (very very funny-Jo Brand is a bit rude and unfunny so you might want to skip that)-HERE

Here's Third Day- I admit it-this song makes me cry

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