Saturday, October 25, 2008

Slum survivor

This year at Soul Survivor our young people caught the idea of Slum Survivor and committed to 'Spend a day the way a billion spend a lifetime'. They have built a slum in our church car park and are, at this very moment, planning to spend the night under cardboard. As I was thinking about Slum Survivor I came across this post about 'Generation We' and wondered if one generation can make a step change for humanity. If I am honest I am not sure mine has but I pray that the next may do a bit better. Whilst it would be bold to say 10 teenagers are making a step for humanity they are at least, in a city more obsessed by loft conversions than the oppressed, awakening hearts, minds and wallets to the fortunes of others.

Feel free to encourage your church to do something similar.

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