Monday, October 06, 2008

Leadership Summit

I spent a couple of days at St Mark's Battersea Rise at the Hybel's conference. Often I find this sort of thing rather exhausting and although the Church..' is the hope of the world' they never seem to have a Vicar of a small church of 250 in Chipping Sodbury as keynote speaker. Maybe next year.

There were though some highlights and I particularly enjoyed Craig Groeschl who spoke from his new book 'It' which is worth a read. Do try and get hold of the talk too. The premise is that some churches have it and some don't and the way he explains the theory is compelling. I also enjoyed Gary Hagen on injustice and Bill George, a Harvard Prof, on his book True North. A chappy called John Burke spoke on creating a culture of acceptance and his book is called No perfect people allowed. Hybels spoke on decision making and his new book Axioms (of which he has no less than 76)! He also recommended Judgment as the best book he had read on decision making.

The good thing about this event is it tells you what's going on and it was really good to hang out with my friend's Tim, Nick and Will. Hope some of the recommendations may be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

You can contact him:
Rev'd Chris Wray
The Vicarage, Horseshoe Lane,
Chipping Sodbury. Bristol. BS37 6ET
I'm sure he'd welcome the invite!