Friday, September 19, 2008

Musical men & women & Presidents

I was around at some friends and they had 'This is your life' playing by Amy MacDonald. It is a smashing album and I have been really enjoying it.

Another pal recommended John Mayer to me but particularly his live album. In fact he was so enthused about it he bought me a copy the DVD there and then on Amazon. It's called 'Where the Light is'. He is a very very talented man.

Also, do check out an excellent series on BBC4 on Presidents and Hollywood by Jonathan Freeland and the uncanny similarity between this election and West Wing.

My worship album of the moment that I am enjoying is by Kathryn Scott, particularly the song 'I belong' inspired by Romans 8. As it happens, I listened to it on a train from France having just finished listening to a sermon series by Keller on Romans 8 'How the Spirit transforms' which I recommend too.

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