Monday, September 01, 2008


A few things have caught my eye. If you are looking for a good page turning novel Shantaram has been recommended to me twice this week.Resurgence have had a redesign which is worth checking out and especially the talks from the Dwell UK conference which I attended. The two must-listen talks are the gospel of grace vs religion of works and preaching Jesus but I intend to listen to them all over the next few months. Rob Bell has a new book out which looks worth checking out. Bonhoeffer on the task of the preacher. I really enjoyed reading Skidelsky's article called 'The return to goodness' which is an excellent commentary on contemporary liberalism. You need to subscribe but why not take Prospect for six moths and see how you get on. New Douglas Moo commentary on Colossians

Josh Harris has been running a series on preaching notes and Keller has now posted his which should be a treat. It's worth checking out the whole series.

Why the Christian always has a life on Plan A and a new book from David Allen whose book Getting things done I have found a really useful read over the summer and now have a gleaming new full filing cabinet to show for it! It's called Making it all work.

I am immersed in a 5000 word essay which has to be in in two weeks so the blog may be a little slow in the coming days. I will try an post a bit though.


rodneyolsen said...

I started reading Shantaram while I was on holiday a while back. I really need to pick it up again. It's a great story.

David Cooke said...

It's now on my list to read. My pal is 'not a book reader' and loved it which says something.