Friday, September 26, 2008

Mission in Luke Acts

Listened to this on my journey to see my friend's in Bournemouth. Driscol preaches with such fire and zeal he sounds like he may be in danger of blowing up. He often says things that many may disagree with but he is someone who knows what he believes and preaches it. His lack of passivity and compelling passion for Jesus is an admirable, courageous and rare thing.

There were many things that struck me in this long talk but here's one thing I remember. God called Mark Driscol to plant Mars Hill Church with 'an audible voice'. He says it twice. Listen to his story-HERE

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stephy said...

I've heard several of Mark Driscoll's sermons but I don't think that he has passion for Jesus. He's got passion all right, but there is truth missing from his messages, and that makes me nervous.