Monday, September 22, 2008

Elder brothers

Our text yesterday was Luke 15 and the talk included lots of pictures of prodigals, including this one which I had not seen before. What struck me about this picture by Tamara Paetkau was not the younger son but the elder one working in the field in the background.

Following a week of financial turmoil I have noticed some financial righteousness in myself and others that seems important to acknowledge. Some in our society have indeed been neglectful by borrowing money and acquiring possessions they could not afford. Lots of people have been citing the past, their grandparent's prudence and rediscovering words like 'shrift'. The sentiment is that people had it coming. Of course, it seems unjust for those who have squandered resources to be let of their debts. It seems wrong that someone else will have to pay. But this is can quickly turn (perhaps especially among Christians) into the voice of the elder brother.

This is a time for the Gospel not recrimination.

Is this not the perfect picture of the Gospel. That's why the good news is often so offensive to the religious.

Why not use the times to explain the good news using Luke 15? What joy it is for the debtor to be set free and return repentant. Be reminded too that the lamb is already here for those who have been the good stewards. Just beware of missing it.

You see, our God is indeed a Prodigal God and I am once again thankful for it.

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