Saturday, August 09, 2008


I have read two Andy Stanley books this week and found them both helpful. The first is called Visioneering and uses the book of Nehemiah as a template for leadership and vision (much as John White's excellent book does). He then uses this to outline how visions are lived and worked out. 'The soul never thinks without a picture' said Aristotle and a vision is born from a discontent about the way things are. This need not be a gigantic thing.

1. A discontent with your parenting or work life balance

2. A discontent with the job you currently do

3. A discontent with the school your children attend

4. A discontent with an area of ministry that is not happening in your church

5. A discontent with the state of something in your environment

Vision's, says Stanley, are born. This is not just a 'something could be done' it is a something should be done. To put it in my own words- a vision starts in the guts. There is tons of good stuff here. I read this book while also reading Nehemiah and have made lots of notes on things. I commend this as a profitable read.

The other book is called Next Generation Leader and is equally full of the many things Stanley has learnt along the way.:

His five principles of leadership are;

1, Competence

2. Courage

3. Clarity

4. Coaching

5. Character

This is a book worth having on the shelf not only so you can read it but also to lend to others you are mentoring. I hope you find it as helpful as I have done.

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