Saturday, August 16, 2008


I went to a great seminar given by Bill @ SS (who I was a college with). He spoke about pornography (not everyone's go to topic) and the stream of people queuing to thank him and ask questions at the end was a demonstration of his talks power. Do get hold of it of you can. Bill, like me , was powerfully impacted by the worship and passion at Soul Survivor.

Why did I call this post 'Shadows'? Well, last year I went to the Leadership Summit (via Battersea Rise!) and John Ortberg gave a phenomenal talk on Esther which he has now written into a book called Overcoming your shadow mission which seems, according to this review, worth getting hold of.

As Bill encouragingly reminded the saints, you don't have to live in the shadows for the light beckons. May we all have the strength to see and embrace it.

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