Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sin: that's why things are not always what they seem

I had a splendid break in France and have returned rested and refreshed which I hope will last. My holiday reading was a real blessing and encouragement and included The Shack (which warrants some additional reflection and do read Tim Challies review for a much better job than I can offer here, Into the Wild and the highlight a truly excellent biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones. If you have a few days away or on your next holiday and want a book to inspire you about preaching then this is a must-read. MLJ would never get a prize for being a bundle of laughs but his impact on God's church in the 20th Century is unquestionable. This is a real treasure trove.

I also returned to an update from Soul Survivor that the song that was such a blessing (called Healer) at this years conference is fact not all that it seems. Mike Pilavachi showed his moving film and talked of having met him at a recent Hillsong conference. As it turns out, the writer has never had cancer and has been duping his wife, his parents and his church and now Soul Survivor and many others because if his issues. I guess this is an example of the fact that things are not always as they appear because we are all sinners and all fall short of God's glory. This incident, combined with the Lakeland revelations, may leave some wondering about the state of things in the Charismatic church. My fellow blogger Tim VB has a post on this thought which I commend you to read.

This verse from Colossians has been much on my heart over the last week' 'Devote yourselves to prayer being watchful and thankful'. We have much to give thanks for this summer and I have been reminded we must be watchful too.

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