Saturday, August 16, 2008

A good soaking

Soul survivor was a blast. You know you are on for a wet week when you arrive only to be told that your allocated spot is flooded and so you've been moved. It rained and rained and rained. In defiance, 9.5K of us worshipped and worshipped and worshipped. We stood, we sat, we kneeled, we lay down, we jumped and we danced. We sung lots of new songs mainly from the new Hillsong album called 'This is our God'. The teenage worship anthem of our time in Shepton Mallet was 'Your name high' which, as none of us will ever forget, starts woooo.....wooooo....woooo. We sang it all week and were still singing in the minibus as we turned into the carpark at Church at 11pm last night.

Although I am now old, I am heartened that our teenagers do not consider me so. On one evening there was a call to pray for 'the oldies and wrinkleys' and they assured me that I wasn't one. I stood and got some prayer anyway knowing that in fact I am! The talks of the week were the morning bible studies by Mike Pilavachi and they were the clearest proclamation of the gospel I have heard in some time. Over 450 came to Christ this week. May Jesus be praised. Mike's new book Storylines makes a good gift for anyone wanting an introduction to the bible. Excellent for teens or new and old Christians. The Chapter in seeing Jesus in the OT is worth £4.99 of your money.

Thanks to all for a wonderful week.

Jesus is risen indeed

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