Saturday, April 07, 2018

Lots to say but the baby has been a crying

I have been rather quiet so apologies to the two or three readers I have.

1. Easter was wonderful. A  'Gospel shaped pastor' was a word to my renovating heart.

2. This post has impacted me more than any in a long while.

3. I am planning to read Piper's book on reading the Bible supernaturally

4. Learning to use a potty is a significant milestone

5. I was blessed reading the chapter 'What sort of Christian are you?' in 'God is for us'

6. I think I was born again again reading a sentence in 'I believe'.

7. My Catholic priest pal gave me a very decent answer to my question 'What is the oil of Chrism?'

8. Krish has done a TedOxford talk 'Can hospitality change the world?'

9. I wrote a sermon this week listening to jazz. I don't usually like jazz but it was rather soothing.

10. My wife is amazing.

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