Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday terror

1, Unbelievable carnage in Manchester as captured here.

2. My friend Simon saved our church weekend as our speaker cancelled with three weeks to go. You should listen to these talks on Ephesians 3. It's quite beyond me why someone wouldn't want to hear these three talks at one of the big summer festivals but of course we'd rather have a 'big name' which is of course our great loss. It never ceases to amaze me the treasure trove of teachers and preachers the fly under a C of E banner. We were so blessed. Get Si to do your next weekend away.....

3. Seven ways the OT deepens our love for Jesus 

4, Simon ended his talks with this quote from Kierkegaard

''For all that has been thanks. For all that will be yes'

5. I am looking forward to hanging out with Darryl this weekend. I've read and been blessed by his blog for many years.

6. Good post about old books.

7. The book Grit was mentioned on our church weekend and a few of our number have done the Grit test.

8. Off to Canada to do a church weekend for a dear pal and to preach a bit so the blog will be quiet for a few days.

9. I am just closing out 'Love does'.

10. This is a horrifying fact.

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