Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday thoughts

1.My pal recommended a sermon called 'The Land Between' which for a season he tells me he listened to over and over again. It was first given at The Willow Creek Leadership Conference. If you feel you're life is in transition then this might be worth a listen.

2. I enjoy Kevin de Young's blog and books and note he is something of a high-capacity man. He's the author of 'Crazy busy.'  It was a help to me. He has two jobs- a seminary professor and a senior pastor, a Phd in progress, an author, has an international preaching ministry and ....wait for kids.....Wow. Pray for him. I've heard him preach and he seems like a good egg.

3. The C of E is entering it's next incomprehensible but not quite yet entered into a 'schism development plan'. Ian Paul to the rescue for what's happened. For a minor point of interest, many years ago I was born again into the love and power of the Lord Jesus in Jesmond Parish Church (the centre of the latest curfuffle).........

4. I've bought 'Play the man' by Batterson. He's another busy bee.

5, I've been pondering on the Great Get Together which is sort of like the idea of something called the church given it's remembering someone who tragically was killed and working good from it (but not church cos it's only on one Sunday...and of course its not about Jesus)

6. Someone cut out Bear and stole him from our Alpha banner.

7. So enjoying preaching a series inspired by this book.

8. This quote was on the Forbes website: 'If you delegate tasks your create followers. If you delegate authority you create leaders' Craig Groschel

9. "For me a leader is a story teller" is something Cardinal Tagle said at LC17 and I haven't been able to shake it.

10. Jean Vanier, when I heard his speak last week, moved me to tears and the word he said that stuck was 'Tenderness'.

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