Thursday, June 01, 2017

Canada called

1. I spent some time in Canada with a dear pal and was so blessed. He gathered a wonderful crowd and we immersed ourselves in the world of Daniel. I  recommended 'Against the flow' as a follow-up read for a window into what it means to live in a pluralistic/relativistic culture.

2. As an example of 'With the flow', the Anglican church in Canada voted recently to change their doctrine as it relates to marriage.

3. While I was away I read 'Play the man' and was struck the chapter about wonder.

4, This post made me pause and ponder:

Our main problem is not lack of time or resources or the annoying people in our lives. Your main problem and my main problem is that we do not see enough the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. We are not amazed. We do not stand in awe. We are not rendered speechless in his presence.

5, I have been much blessed down the year reading Dash House. It was such a joy to hang out together in Toronto. 

6, I have pre-ordered 'The Unhurried leader'.

7, I have been enjoying the song 'Love so great'.

8. I also read 'Contagious' while sitting waiting for my pal to finish his meeting. By the way, if you read this can you put it back on your church office desk!

9. I showed 'God's wonderful surprise' as part of a sermon which quotes C S Lewis and the phrase 'Will everything sad come untrue'.  As a result a dear lady wanted to meet so I could explain what that means. I did my best to help and have since been working it out.....

10. I showed a clip of the final scene of 'Man on Fire' which is a fairly on point example of substitution.


Darryl Dash said...

It was so great to see you, David!

David Cooke said...

It was so good to be with you. Shout if you ever head to London!

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