Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday musing

1. I haven't read the book but love the idea of 'Moving towards the mess'

2. Marriage takes constant work and I found this short post called 'The Silent Marriage Killer' a blessing. Last year Mrs C and I did 'The Marriage Course' which I would recommend to anyone wanting to put some good habits and foundations into a marriage.

3. In 'The Prayer Course' Pete Greig talks about '...praying the Bible'. I can commend 'A call to spiritual reformation' as a way to help you do that.

4. A while back I really enjoyed watching 'The History of Christianity'.  MacCullough has a new book out called 'All things new'

5. Andrew Jones (TSK) sadly reports the death of his wife.

6. A mega-church pastor falls foul of the drink.

7. I was blessed by this little clip about praying in Jesus name and the power of his word.

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