Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday wanderings

It really has for so many reasons been one of those couple of weeks. Battle precedes blessing, I pray, as we head off for our church weekend.

1. Giles Fraser comes out for Brexit. The article I posted cites Tony Benn's questions, which I first read in his 'Letters to my grandchildren'  and have always thought were rather helpful on the nature of democracy. They are pretty good questions to ask during the current debate, whatever side you lie on, and asking them and the answers you come to may help you if you are undecided.

2, I read this sentence in 'More' and it has got it's way into a talk I am doing tonight on Ephesians 1:

'Hunger for God is an authentic sign of the work of the Spirit' (p.162)

If you want a great read on the Spirit, with Pentecost coming n'all then do get hold of this.

3. The final of Masterchef made me cry and I will tell you why in my talk tonight.

4, This is a prophetic insight given the C of E's week of prayer for the nation:

'Ask God to make you all that the Spirit of God can make you, not only a satisfied believer who has drunk for himself, but a useful believer who overflows the neighbourhood with blessing .....[seeing some visitors in his church he directed his words to them] what a blessing it would be if they went back to their respective churches overflowing; for there are numbers of churches that need flooding; they are dry as a barn floor, and little dew ever falls on them. Oh that they might be flooded.....What a wonderful thing a flood is.....Oh for a flood of grace! The Lord send to all churches a great may it be, may all who hear me this day get your share of the streams. Oh that the Lord may now fill you and send you home bearing a flood of grace'

C H Spurgeon quoted in 'More', Page 50

We are praying tonight at 7.45 for an 8pm start.....

5. I have been reading the 'Wedding blessing' liturgy and am turning over the word 'resolved' in my mind,

6. I read 'Practice resurrection' on Ephesians last night and it kindled a little fire in me.

7. 'The Bible is not a book to carry around  and read for information about God, but a voice to listen to. I like that,'

Practice Resurrection, Page 33

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