Thursday, May 05, 2016

10 things for a Thurday

1. A thought on the why of Donald Trump

2. I enjoyed reading about Untied Pursuit. Their album Simple gospel is blessing me.

3. I read such a wonderful illustration of what 'glorious riches' means in Eph 3:14 in Peterson's 'Practicing resurrection'. He writes so beautifully. You'll hear it on Sunday.

4. My ethics tutor Andrew Goddard has written a booklet called 'The EU Referendum: How should we decide?'. I am ordering a copy.

5. The theme of our church weekend is the Trinity and we're excited Will is coming to speak.

6. I love Darryl's post on 'Failure'

7. Simon's book is helping me again as I try and grasp the 'More' of the Spirit. You should also read his new book called 'Different'.

8. I am reflecting on the quotes from Andy Stanley who I could not be more different from if I tried. However, there is a nugget or two here that are worth pondering if you have ever grappled with what it means to be in community.

'You can't do in rows what you can do in circles'

9. I should probably stick these 12 questions on my wall and pray that asking them every once in a while might make me a better leader,

10. I am loving Jane Rice's 'Slow cooker' book and her fish curry is a belter (do it with 2 Green chilies not 5 though)

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