Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thursday bits and bobs

Zac Ezwine has written a book about about the Imperfect pastor which sounds like my kind of book.

In the C of E we use the descriptor 'Priest' and Graham Tomlin tries to explain what we mean.

I can't stop singing Scandal of Grace from this album. It made me cry in the car on the other day driving to Tooting.

Alpha starts tonight and I am as excited as ever. I showed Charlie Mackesy's art gallery story on Sunday which has remained with me.

I am going to RSA vs NZ @ Twickenham on Saturday by the scandal of grace.

A fascinating article on 'The new sexual identity' which introduced me to the term 'pan sexual'.

I try and have one weighty theological tome on the go to stop my brain atrophying and mine for 2015 has been this one  Could next years be this?

I read about the life story of Ben Carson and the account of the knife and the belt as his turning point was amazing.

Brene Brown has things of value to share.

What's wrong with this picture. 

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Saturday blog-sweep

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