Friday, October 30, 2015

Choppy water

I am praying for a pastor friend who has hit a bit of choppy water. Leaders all, at some point or other, hit a big wave or an unforeseen storm. I found this post helpful and it prompted me to turn again to the Bible. 'Praying the Bible' has been such a help to my prayer life and will, I pray, help me prepare for my own inevitable leadership challenges as they come.

Keller has written a book of devotions on the Psalms.

John Lennox, who taught me preaching at Vicar factory, told us that we would not survive in ministry if we thought studying the Bible for sermons was enough. I've found this to be true.

This piece about church plants hitting Year 7 has at least given me a four year early warning.

What Robert De Niro can teach you about leadership.

Rosaria Butterfield's new birth account and her commentary on Roman 6 in 'Openness unhindered' stopped me dead in my tracks. Stunning.

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