Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ten Thursday Thoughts

1. I am reading 'The Road to Character' and enjoying it. Lots of interesting thoughts. I underlined this quote:

"Thankfulness", the Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, said," is a soil in which pride does not easily grow' p.8

You could also check out '15 history books for your summer reading'. Love a book list....

2. Matt Chandler has preached a repentant sermon that has been much talked about on the interweb after a church discipline controversy. I mused on this observation by Matt Redmond at Echoes and Stars.

'Be skeptical of repentance for which applause is given.'

3. Yesterday, a saint with four kids and eight grandchildren (and one on the way) said to Rachel and I while meeting John. 'Be sure you are investing in your marriage'. I then read this post which put some meat on that bone for me.

4. If you are part of things C of E you probably need to be following the Jeremy Pemberton tribunal. This is the best briefing I've read on it all

5. Watched this and pondered it.

6. Robert Madu's words 'Stay in your lane' are one's my heart has needed to hear and preach a lot to itself recently. I need to listen to this talk regularly. 

7. A book that is unread and not yet bought but is on my radar is 'Saturate' by Jeff Vandersvelt.

8. The man with the golden arm

9. The words of Acts 10:19 stopped me short the other morning....'The Spirit said to him'...... I've been chatting about these words to anyone who will listen since.

10. We have our Gift day on Sunday. Praying for the saints of Barnes to be 'richly generous'. One of our five causes is 'The Riverbank Trust' . They have a bold vision that needs £100k.

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