Saturday, May 02, 2015

Saturday blogsweep

Why God's will isn't always clear

Side by side

50 people in the Bible confirmed archeologically

Tim Keller on Judges and OT Violence

5 articles Don Miller sent to his staff this week 

Peter Kay's Car Share is making me chuckle and I watched an interesting Storyville on Heinrich Himmler.

Billy Collins

A good Apple Watch review via T. Challies

Strong Tides via Mark Meynell whose Q Marks the Spot is a great round up of interesting bits and bobs- check out the post on Scientology.

The Bible is not a portrait it's a window

Alison Pearson in the Telegraph on how Pornography has changed the teenage landscape beyond recognition

How disagreement makes us civil. We live in a time where it is becoming increasingly important to listen and love those with whom we may profoundly disagree. But how do we do that? We might all do well to take a couple of hours watching this important discussion between three truly great minds and influencers of thought. I could listen to Cornel West's lyrical and musical tone of speech all day.....

To exercise- schedule it

A 'Bishop for Church Planting' gets the green light

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