Friday, May 29, 2015

New life and other bits and bobs

Readers of the blog visit for a link or two and a bit and a bob that I post about. It seems appropriate to let you all know John William Cooke was born on May 14th 2015. After a very challenging start everyone is now doing well.

Chasing Francis will always have a place in my heart because it was the book I read when the well-being of our son lay in the unknown for a couple of days.

The LC15 talks an now up and lots to check out and download. Nicky Gumbel's talk on unity is an important listen and click about on the others that strike you. Joyce Meyer's interview and story is powerful and I enjoyed Robert Madu's word about the futility of comparison.

After all the words written about Ireland and gay marriage it was interesting to read 'As a gay atheist, I want to see the church oppose same-sex marriage'

We missed our own church weekend at which Ele Mumford spoke and the talks are really worth listening to, as is the excellent word from Adam Rylett (now AV here in Barnes) on 1 Cor 13. Challenging, winsome and true. Preaching that blesses. 

I've started reading Gavin Esler's book 'Lessons from the top' which ia friend in our church lent me. It's a book about the link between leading and the stories we tell.

I have also been reading A Grief Sanctified.

Books about babies are full of largely unsubstantiated theories and are bought entirely by the desperate (us). I have read three in the last week and they all say different and contradictory things. Babies basically poo, sleep and cry and working out the relationship between the three is what's called parenthood:) Mrs C is doing a truly amazing job. We have found First Time Parent to be a good general read with an author who seems to be rooted in practical common sense. When I am done with this phase I might add to the canon of baby literature! Many say I have a book in me. 

John cries marginally less when we play him this but my singing along is less appreciated.

R T Kendall has written 'A letter to the UK church'

This article caught my eye 'Why do people hate Jews and Judiasm'

I enjoyed this post of Dallas Willard quotes and particularly liked this one:

……...'the aim is not to be Right:
That’s why so many churches have “Grace” in their name. Not many people want to go to “Right Church,” but we’ll gladly go to “Grace Church.” I’ve been to Right Church you may have been there too—it’s a tough place. There are a lot of dead people at Right Church, because life comes by grace

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