Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday musing

We could sit about and wait for our baby but we've decided to go and listen to Mike Pilavachi tonight!

We have our church weekend coming up with Ele Mumford speaking.

I found a lovely Iranian couple outside our church last night taking a photo by our church sign. I introduced myself and they told me their church (8000 members) friend in Seattle told them they must visit HT Barnes. I asked if they were absolutely sure it was us and not the church in Kensington with a similarly lettered name with a congregation of 5000. Ah...........As it turned out, while they still had time  to visit HTB they gamely decided to stay and enjoyed our slightly more intimate service. Mansour works for Sat7 and we had an very interesting chat about his work and Captive in Iran.

Talking of larger churches it's interesting what God is doing in Milton Keynes

I am reading a fictional story of a man who loses his faith pastoring a megachurch and then finds it again through the story of Francis. The book is called Chasing Francis and as I read it I have in mind the many down the years who, for one reason or another, have given up or felt defeated in their faith.

Someone recently commented that they like our church 'because it's small' which I have been musing on. Yancey thinks 'Small is large'

It's interesting to ponder pursing four inner rings via Dash House

Papers better.

Piper, Schreiner and Andrew Wilson are debating whether women can preach in church or not. I am with Wilson.

Two men in deep need arrived at church yesterday afternoon. The church will I believe be increasingly called to step into the gap in the austerity years to come.

Getting by on $84m.

I am gleaning so many things from Owen Jones' book and whilst I am not a socialist I can't help but think something in the election result smells a wee bit fishy. David Keen has an 'Election Reflection' so does Neil Powell. And another very gloomy political outlook posted by a pal entitled 'The only way is down' which caused lots of chatter on his Facebook page.

I read this post 'I quietly admitted God had won' and 'Total Truth' has now gone on my wish list.

We all chatted about the floating light bulb over lunch yesterday. Now this is a room with a view.

Basically, apply the golden rule....
h/t Ann Voskamp

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