Tuesday, April 07, 2015

A good read, pastry and resurrection

We had a good Easter.

Tom Wright's tlittle phrase that when we die in Christ we say 'Good night and see you in the morning' has really stuck with me.

A book I spotted while clicking about is 'Redefining rich' which I may, at some point, read.

Sometimes, listening to a Jonathan Martin sermon is just what my soul needs.

Yesterday we made a pie. I have been reading this cookbook for more pie inspiration.

Darryl has been helped by reading Honest evangelism which has a good first line.

A pal sent me this book called 'Jesus Christ the Lord' which was a gift to me from its author who is part of my friends church (I can't find a link to the English version). By the way, he's looking for an Associate Vicar is you know anyone who might fit the bill.

This post called 'The dead end of sexual sin' is one I am pondering. I was particularly struck by her post-conversion emotions and turmoil that characterise all of us, to varying degrees, after we are born again.

'Conversion brought with it a train wreck of contradictory feelings, ranging from liberty to shame. Conversion also left me confused. While it was clear that God forbade sex outside of biblical marriage, it was not clear to me what I should do with the complex matrix of desires and attractions, sensibilities and senses of self that churned within and still defined me.'

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands :)

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