Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Book List on the Holy Spirit

We are starting a new preaching series on the Holy Spirit taking us through Pentecost and into the summer. The theme of our church weekend away in May is 'The person and work of the Holy Spirit' which I am really excited about.

As a result, I have started to read afresh quite generally on the Holy Spirit and also am taking delivery of a new book by J D Greear called 'Jesus Continued'.

Here are some of the books I will revisit, dip into and reread over the next few months:

God inside out, Simon Ponsonby

The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts, Max Turner

God's empowering presence, Gordon Fee

I Corinthians, Gordon Fee

Keep in step with the Spirit, J I Packer

Come. Holy Spirit, David Pytches

Spirit-shaped Mission, Andrew Lord

Forgotten God, Chan

Come creator Spirit, Cantalamessa

The Descent of the Dove, Charles Williams

Jonathan Edwards on Revival

Nine o'clock in the morning, Dennis Bennett

Know your spiritual gifts, Stibbe

The way in is the way on, Wimber

Power evangelism, Wimber

More, Simon Ponsonby

Be filled with the Spirit, David Watson

A new pentecost Suenes

Encounter the Holy Spirit, Morgan

Prophesy, Bruce Collins

Understanding Spiritual gifts, Arthur

When heaven invades earth, Johnson

The works of John Owen (Vol 3 on the Holy Spirit)

What happened to the power of God? Brown

Great Revivals, Whittaker

Joy Unspeakable, Lloyd-Jones

Spirit-filled church, Virgo

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