Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday blogsweep

Stunning act of forgiveness

Go forth and multiply

A couple of good books on marriage to read out loud together 'The mingling of souls' and You and me forever

Love this story about people who decide to change their life for the good of the others

The remorse of abortion and the healing of the gospel

France's secular space not so neutral

Church announcements

16 ways to think like a leader

Ten books that have shaped me as a Christian inspired me to think about my own ten.

Stories in preaching

A map of the blizzard of C of E discussion papers

My pal suggested Appendix 1 of the Pilling report makes a compelling case for a traditional view of marriage and is worth reading. Appendix 2 is the case for inclusion which he found far less so. If you are in the C of E then you will not be able to ignore Pilling over the next year or two so we had all better crack on and read all about it.

A new pal, who is a tutor with OCCA, recommended I read two papers by Ranald McCauley called Being Human and The Great Commissions  which deeply impacted his theology and life.

Phil Cooke recommended Daily Rituals a book about the process of creativity

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