Monday, January 05, 2015

Random Monday Musings

1. I'm loving listening to Needtobreathe

2. As a boy hearing about Robin Knox Johnson inspired my love of dingy sailing and adventure. I watched this and loved it. He's a proper tough old sea dog.

3. We have watched Newsroom Series 2 and I think Aaron Sorkin is a genius. Terrific, intelligent and gripping telly.

4. I read Keller's funeral sermon in this book and think I became a Christian again.

5. I discovered today that you can be buried in a painted coffin.

6. If you want a belting action movie that is Diehard remade then watch White House Down. Trust me- it really is Diehard remade and is never going to be classed as a great piece of moviemaking but we loved it.

7. I was rubbish at science but if I had read Bill Bryson's book it would have all made more sense.

8. Rick Warren preached the last sermon at Mars Hill.  Well worth a watch.

9. If Simon's sermon 'How far can you see?' (30.11.14) doesn't make you burn more for mission then you may be deaf. Loved the David Livingstone story.

10. The Green Report won the FT's Fallen Angel prize. Really made me smile :)

'… This year I’m awarding a special prize to an organisation that ought to have risen above jargon, but has been dragged down into it. Winner of the inaugural Fallen Angel award goes to the Church of England, which in a paper on training bishops talked of “a radical step change in our development of leaders who can shape and articulate a compelling vision and who are skilled and robust enough to create spaces of safe uncertainty in which the Kingdom grows”. Our Lord, looking down on a sentence in which His Kingdom was obliterated by a dozen dreary management clichés, must have found his genius for forgiveness sorely tested…'

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