Monday, January 19, 2015

For the pod: Whitfield, 'The main thing' and what it means to be an influencer

Last week I spent time with 142 evangelists and these talks are worth putting on the pod and listening to on your next car journey.

The highlights were:

All three from R T Kendall particularly the first one on Romans 1. If you are unclear on the gospel this will probably straighten you out. His third on the Ten Virgins is a prophetic talk that I found both informative and v. challenging.

Dave Smith on Whitfield was superb (he spent 7 years doing a D Phil on him.) If you preach you should certainly listen to both these talks. J John advised if you are going to visit any church in the land then Kingsgate Peterborough which Dave Smith pastors is worth travelling to. They had 4500 through over Christmas….

I also really enjoyed Phil Cooke on being an influencer.

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