Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday blog-sweep

This is a very helpful wisdom on how 'To share your story'

'Look at the Book' has now gone live and I spent ten minutes learning from this mediation called 'Fear not, little flock'. This is a hugely helpful way to help you grow in your study of the Scriptures that you might want to use for personal study or with a group. I am going to dip into this with regularity.

Welby on the theological challenge of Isil and also Shock! He believes in God.

J John writes a good reflection 'On praying for ISIS'.

Steve Chalke and Sean Doherty 'Debating Sexuality' 

Everybody is a theologian and Some advice for Young Pastors (via Dash House)

The Quantified life and the Sanctified Christian has some interesting apps and if you want more on this then I commend reading Simplify (which I am currently doing).

The Church Times reveals its first instalment of 100 Best Christian Books (100-51)

It's all about listening

If you are thinking about being a Vicar (or you already are one) here are ten characteristics you might want to cultivate. (via Tim Challies)

Why boundaries are important in our relationships is worth a couple of minutes.

The most important thing

On why 'Left behind should be left behind'

A review of Scott McKnights Kingdom Conspiracy

If you have a pastor then this is some wisdom on how to encourage them: Increase their joy: Three ways to encourage pastors and Should a pastor take a day off every week?

The biography series 'On the Christian Life' has a new edition on Edwards. These are a good way into some of the giant thinkers of Church history.

I spent some time clicking on posts at 3DM and lingered on Mike Breen describing 'How to die on a cross'

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