Sunday, September 28, 2014

For the pod: Romans 7

As readers may know I love Romans and some of you may be interested in the Romans 7 question.

Who is the wretched man?

The answer you come to is not crucial and I happen to be with Piper rather than MLJ or Adrian Warnock.

Adrian's latest post 'Could Piper be wrong on Romans 7 and does it matter?' links to Piper's talks from the DG National Conference and he says Piper's first talk of five is life-changing:

'What is crucial about these talks is that Piper opens the lid on how he approaches the text. These will not only teach you doctrine, they will teach you how to learn doctrine direct from the Bible. And crucially you don’t have to agree with him on every point to benefit from listening. I have already spoken about the strong impact that the first talk had on me.'

I love that sort of recommendation for a talk.

See what you think.


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