Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday thoughts

I have been reading Falling upward and reflecting on the second half of my life. Sometimes when you read a book it can be just one sentence at a time that grabs you:

‘If there is such a thing as human perfection, it seems to emerge precisely from how we handle imperfection that is everywhere, especially our own. What a clever place for God to hide holiness, so that only the humble and earnest will find it’ (xx11)

I listened to this sermon called 'Rejecting the Real Jesus' this morning and the last four minutes of it gave me a fresh revelation of the cross that made me feel like I had just become a Christian.

The other day, I was thinking about taking exams and that moment you turn over the question. If I was setting an exam question right this moment one of the questions would be this:

'Success is not a kingdom value?' Discuss

As it happens, I have just ordered a book called 'Fail: Finding hope and grace in the midst of ministry failure'. Is there a church planter out there who didn't think it was going to be so much easier to make disciples than it actually turns out to be?

Do you think anyone will attend our church on Sunday because Synod passed the women's bishop's measure? I will tell you on Monday...... 

It's interesting to note that the new Education Secretary is a Christian. Do pray for her. 

Pray too about the assisted dying debate.

Someone on my team has never had a fig roll. Honestly- never ever.

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Mrs C has been reading me sentences from The Cross and the Switchblade. This was one:

'Jesus did not have a television or the printed word to help Him. His was a face to face ministry. Always the warmth of personality was involved' (p129)

I can't seem to stop listening to this song.

I have interpreted the Great Commission in lots of ways. One is by going into all the world and giving people books to read. It so encourages me when someone actually ends up reading one I have given them. Someone has recently started reading 'The Big Story' which has been a recent giveaway favourite. A great discipleship read.

We are showing 'Warhorse' at 'The Big Screen' tomorrow. 7pm @ HT Barnes

Our Bish is coming to visit us which will be fun :)

I reread this today by David Fitch about plagiarism and celebrity

Finally, this Gordon MacDonald quote and idea has lingered with me from 'The road we must travel'

‘Deep people are those people whose lives are organized around Jesus, his character, his calling to a serving life, and his death on the cross for their sins. The ability [or giftedness] of deep people may be quite diverse, but each has the power to influence others to follow Jesus, grow in Christ-likeness, and live a life of faithful service. They love the world, mix well with people, but are wary of spiritual entrapments. They are known for their wisdom, their compassion for others, and their perseverance in hard times’ (p156)

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