Friday, July 04, 2014

For the pod: Our relationships matter

I heard Nicky Lee preach this sermon on Colossians 3 last Sunday. You could use its contents for a one-session marriage preparation or simply sit your husband or wife down and give yourselves a marriage audit. If you are single, it's also just good general help from God's word on how to manage and built good relationships.

A friend told me recently that six marriages of parents who have children in her very small primary school have ended in the last two years. The stories she told me of all the pain, adultery and heartbreak are quite devastating. Nicky and his wife Pippa are the authors of The Marriage Book and Course, The Parenting Book and Course and Parenting Teenagers ands Children designed to help and support those who are married or parenting. A few of my pals are now reaching the teenage years and they might do well to reach for the Lee's book on just that subject.

You can explore all these resources here. We have just got hold of the marriage preparation material and DVD and are planning to start using it. Also, if you haven't discovered the Appendix in 'The Marriage book' its full or wisdom, questions, common sense and resources. You might even feel prompted to start running one of these in your church.

I hope this 'For the pod' is a blessing and encouragement.

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