Monday, December 16, 2013

Ten things for a Monday

1. Such a relief Sam Bailey won X Factor (Don't know what came over me -I voted for the first time:). Anybody else suspect Nicole thought she was the star of the show? A lesson to myself on how easy it is to think I and not Jesus and the people I serve are the centre of things. This song reminded me of Bonnie Tyler but now I'm showing my age.

2. Lovely story here about grace

3. Ann Voscamp put me on to how to see how long you might live

4. Fascinating couple of articles in this months Prospect. One called 'Ye of little faith' has some interesting stats and another describes the idea of atheist clergy.

5. Christmas in a nutshell  and the very clever Boy in a Billion

6. If Jesus had been born in Sweden he might have been considered gender neutral.

7. The Archbishop on how he makes decisions (Do watch)

8. What we get wrong about gift giving

9. The greatest obstacle to personal happiness

10. Five ways to love your neighbour this Christmas

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