Saturday, December 21, 2013

Saturday blog-sweep

Seven great stressers on Pastors

Another book list and also ones from Trevin WaxJared Wilson and Aaron Armstrong. I should probably do mine some time.

I enjoyed this story about a coding homeless man

Seth Godin says pick three

Spent some time musing on what it takes to make a billion and what you'd do once you had it.

A Muslim Christmas Card

Flannery O'Connors prayer journal

I came across this article 'Were old covenant believers indwelt with the Holy Spirit?' and had a theology wonk moment.

Mentally strong people: the 13 things they avoid

A list of Top Ten Albums

A model of devout resignation

Do your kids know the gospel?

Finally a moving piece about one man's marriage.


mark shepherd said...

David, thanks very much for the article investigating the indwelling of the Spirit in OTHER believers. What a great resource.

mark shepherd said...

That should say OT believers. Auto correctors, just can't trust em.

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