Monday, June 24, 2013

Ten things for a Monday

1. 'Fractured families: Why stability matters' is a must-read for anyone concerned and prayerful about this great land. The 'Exec Summary' [Essential reading] contains such depressing stats.

2. I preached on marriage and divorce yesterday for which I read and prayed more than any sermon I have done since planting HT Barnes. For more reading: 3 Views on Divorce and Remarriage, God, Marriage and Family by Kostenberger, Ethics after Easter and A Moral Vision of the New Testament are probably good places to start. Andrew Goddard's (he taught me ethics) reading list offers more and his site is a limitless font of resources. This sermon put extreme porn addiction on the list of possible reasons for divorce based on a reading of 'porneia' in Matthew 5 which is interesting. Of all the people I read and listened to Piper takes the strongest line on the sanctity and covenant nature of marriage.

3. We had a great day doing City Lights on Saturday.

4. A friend recommended Tenth Avenue North 'The Light meets the Dark' and I can't stop listening to Healing begins.

5, Still reading 1-2 letters a day of Jack Miller.

....''Basically at the beginning of a ministry, the leader should humble himself and not try to do too much. Really, even later a good pastor is pretty much a good listener, a patient, deliberate questioner,; and at the beginning of a church planting enterprise you will be astonished how well things will go if you are a gentle kind learner. ' [Page 86]

6. My ceaselessly encouraging pal Graham posted this about yoga on our church planters forum. As ever, interesting to mull on.

10. How to read a book (via Dash House).


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