Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A book, holiday recommendations and a few thoughts to chew on

1. Rick Warren is always worth listening to (even if you've heard it before). Enacting the wisdom which he explained in Part 2 may be the thing that's gets you and I to the end.

It is:
-Divert daily
-Withdraw weekly
-Abandon annually

2. I am going to hear Alan Hirsch in a few weeks time. What do you make of this?

3. I'm taking this book on holiday.

4. I got one of these for my birthday. Left my old one on top of my car and drove off :(

5. Justin Welby's speech in the Lord's Marriage debate and also Debbie Hirsch (wife of Alan) on homosexuality which I plan to listen to before hearing them both live.

6. The excellent blog and highly resourcing Preacher Smith is back from a blog-o-liday and Tall skinny kiwi has a new blog

7. Alistair Sawday is my great secret if you are looking for a good pub or nice place to stay for a break or holiday. 

8. Kester on pirates is brilliant @ Ted Exeter

1 comment:

Clout said...

Without sounding like a pedant...
in your Alan Hirsch video clip 1min 59secs it was Simon Peter NOT Paul in Matthew 16.
All that and his distress at not having a white board - I gave up on him!