Monday, June 17, 2013

Do not lost heart

Yesterday my pal Andy, who runs the Viva Network, preached to us. His story about Bolivian child glue addicts is still with me and will be for some time to come.

Every year, I go away with the seven 'Men on mountains' (Andy is one of them) for a week of renewal and retreat and this years starts today on Snowdon.

We hold each others lives to account, we confess our sins, we ask each other challenging questions, we tell the story of our year, we pray, we laugh, we cry, we encourage each other and we climb mountains. We will do this every year until the day we die even if in years to come we may have metamorphosed into 'Old gits on a promenade'.

This film reminded me anew to keep on running the race and how much I value these seven dear brothers who run it with me and hold my life to account.

I wrote this post called '30 things to do for a soul MOT' and do try one or two of them in order that you too keep on running.

The blog will be quiet so I will leave you with a bit of Keller and here are the notes of what he says which are well worth taking some time with.

via Steve McCoy

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