Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday blog-sweep

Life is not about being liked

'The compulsion to be liked by anyone is actually the fear of man. Your sinful desire for likability is actually a revelation of your own fear. Humans were only made to fear one person–God. And when your value becomes defined by what other people think of you, you will not be “a good person” nor a “godly person”, but a narcissistic person who needs the praise of others for self-fulfillment. This will always disappoint.   

Ann Voskamp on Loving each other via Scott McKnight

 'It could happen like this: We could stop confusing unity with unanimity. God’s people may not have doctrinal unanimity, but we must have definite unity, if we’re ever to have deep credibility.'

Tim Challies shares a review of Rob Bell's new book and also The Washington Post review of McGrath's C S Lewis biography

If you use Google reader you'll want to update to Feedly but Google do still have great ads

If you watch this you may discover Chris Tomlin is probably writes the most sung songs in the world.

Some good advice on 'Ten things to consider before entering into a controversy'

If you love cities you will want to get hold of and read Why Cities Matter (foreword by Keller)

Four ways to grow in evangelism and some advice for planters to use their mistakes well.

This song has been on the radio all week and I can't get it out of my head.

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