Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting along

In Tim Challies post The Blogs the Battles and the Gospel Keller made me think quite deeply about how we should agree and disagree as Christians.

I meet with a group of pastors from different traditions early every Wednesday morning to pray. This is increasingly for me becoming a very special time. I am sure if we talked more we may find things we disagree on but as time goes by we seem to be becoming more and more agreed on the central things. What's more, we are learning about each other and what we each believe and how this can all fit together for the greater good. We long to be more concerned about the flourishing of 'the church' rather than, as we so often are, being preoccupied with 'our' own particular churches or tribe. .

All of this of course takes time, commitment, trust, prayer, friendship and a really good dollop of faith in the things we are expecting God to do in us, through us and through his church. Next week we have Terry Virgo coming to do some teaching for all our churches about grace. Here he is speaking about Spirit-filled leading.

I really commend going on this adventure with some local cross-denominational pastors/ Christians.

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