Thursday, March 21, 2013

For the pod: The Pastor to Pastors

Rick Warren packed more wisdom into a morning than it seemed humanly possible. If you are a disciple of Jesus on any level these two talks will have much to teach you but will most of all simply inspire you about Jesus and his church. I am no mega-church pastor and, probably, nor are you but Warren's years of thinking, learning and rich experience will be a blessing. Download these and listen to them on a long journey with friends or colleagues in your church. He's a deeply lovely man and his favourite thing is hugging people. I think he hugged just about everybody and chatted to most. He wrote such an encouraging note to someone in my church who has been reading PDL and needed encouragement and he was almost the last to leave the building. I think I may have a pastor crush :) He said he'd come back and teach us again.

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