Friday, December 14, 2012

Opting for the Mundane

Yesterday I wrote this on the blog:

'Nothing happens without leaders' a phrase Al Mohler coined.

It was like a squeaky door on my soul all day.

Let me add my ten-penny worth.

How about:

'Nothing happens without servants', a phrase I just coined which may evoke a very different emotion in you.

One is a phrase about Kings, the other is about Shepherds. And this week I am all about Shepherds.

I've been so enjoying reading 'The God of the Mundane' by Matt Redmond (a snip @ £1.56 on Kindle). Before you rush out and buy it thinking it's written by a globally famous worship leader you need to know it's actually by a Christian bank clerk. That, among many other things, is the brilliance of it.

Most people, you may be surprised to learn, aren't globally famous and rich.

Most people are bank clerks (and Shepherds).

This week I am all about Shepherds. I am even thinking about staying in my job and becoming one.

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