Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday musing

1. I included the lyrics from 'Call me maybe' and a chapter from a book written for children (Helpless) in my Carol service sermon.

1. Russell MoorePiper, Mohler  and Tim Keller on the Connecticut school massacre.

3. An atheist picks an apologetics book as his book of the year.

4. Sam Storms' books of 2012

5. I am re-reading 'The Wisdom of Each Other' which might make a good complement to 'The God of the Mundane.'

6. Who do you think you are? (apart from it presumably being a Christmas joke that it's over $19 on Kindle)

7. If you want a couple of good festive albums Oh for joy by The Dave Crowder Band and We have a Saviour by Hillsong are splendid.

8. An interesting review of Matt Chandler's Explicit Gospel

9. Sharing the gospel with people who may not think like you

10. How to watch the Hobbit

11. Six ways to handle stress this Christmas

12. A great George B-S quote

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