Monday, October 22, 2012

Ten things for a Monday

1. I listened to Furtick's great sermon called 'You don't suck anymore'' and in it he suggested the practice of reading Romans 8 out loud all the way through for a week. My time was longer than his at 6.54 and I am planning on doing likewise for seven days.

2. Should you concentrate on your strengths or your weaknesses?

3. The apple argument against Abortion

4. Keller's Catechism questions and speaking about Centre Church

5. How do you define a win?

6. If you liked Spooks you might like 'Hunted'

7. Rowan Atkinson on Reform Section 5

8. There is a lot that is bonkers concerning rapture theology and you might like to watch this very informative film for a primer. Do also buy And the lamb wins as your go to theological reference for such matters.

9. Why you're not reaching the unchurched

10. Michael Hyatt will help you sort your inbox and other productivity issues. Subscribe to his This is your life podcast if you want to be a little bit more intentional about life.

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