Thursday, October 25, 2012

Every good endeavour

Keller has a new book coming out called Every good endeavour about how the gospel operates in our jobs and workplaces. As someone who spent a long time doing what people tell me was 'a proper job' I do have a great heart for encouraging people at work. The truth is, it's hard to work out your faith and understand what it means to be a Christian doctor or teacher or artist and all the inherent pressure that comes with this. A few folk in our church attend 'Artisan' which seeks to understand faith in the context of the creative arts and the media and in my view there should be lots more groups like this for all sorts of different vocations.

Last week, I reread the Dorothy Sayer essay 'Why work?' which is well worth taking the time to read. Although written over sixty years ago it is packed with good insights into the motivations we have behind our work. So if you are doing 'a proper job' this day and are a follower of Jesus may the Lord bless you.

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