Monday, October 29, 2012

Ten things for a Monday

1. I enjoyed Lenny Henry discovering Bob Dylan in the 'What so great about...? series. I drove across Patagonia fly-fishing, reading Romans and listening to him and my world has never been quite the same since.

2. On that subject someone who has started attending our church read Romans all the way through on holiday. It blew them away. If you want a primer then the Mighty and merciful message of Romans 1-8 might be a start.

3. Keller and Al Mohler are very clever chappies who here discuss 'What is morality?'

4. I have fallen this morning on the words of my old friend Eugene and am reading Working the angles for the third time.

5. Everyone should have Blue in their collection.

6. Lord Grantham saying in Downton....'I always think Catholics have something of the johnny foreigner about them' has got the Telegraph musing. What will we all do once this series finishes.

7. The latest chapter of the Emery White book was about Luther and here he is being wonderfully honest about both his piles and his prayer-lessness.

8. I got caught for speeding (35 in a 30) and discovered a friend in our church has also been over-zealous on the accelerator. As he said to me rather profoundly yesterday- 'It's a limit not a target'. We are now both attending a speed awareness course in Shepperton.

9. I watched Mitt Romney make a speech and offer lots and lots of promises. Apparently he's going to be much better than the last guy. We should all probably watch the new Lincoln film to see what Presidents of old were all about.

10. For our times of Following and fishing I've taken to buying everyone Wine Gums and have awakened anew my addiction to this crack cocaine of confectionary.

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