Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Rude' worship

On Sunday Will, who had been leading our worship, went to the loo after the service. Mid-operation, a voice from behind him asked him a question. It was the voice of a little five year old boy visiting our church for the first time.

"You're the man who did the music"

"Yes I am" replied Will.

"I liked the music"

"Great" said Will.

Somewhat encouraged and bolstered that at least one person had been blessed he left the loo followed by the little boy and immediately bumped into the lads father. This is how the conversation then went:

"Your son told me he really enjoyed the music"

"Did he really say that?" responded the father"

"Actually, to be honest he said you were very rude to start with"

Immediately perplexed, Will asked him for an explanation.

"Well, he thought you were very rude because while you were singing he saw so many hands up in the air he thought it rude you didn't stop for questions"

How great is that- but also profound.

There may be quite a gap between what we think people see and experience in worship and what they actually do.....

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